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Learn the Art of Candlemaking

Candlemaking is an art form that has existed for hundreds of thousands of years, going back to early civilisations where candles were one of the few light sources available to man.  These candles were traditionally made from tallow (cattle fat) and other animal fats.


Today we have come to know the candle as a way of bringing scent and a warmth into our homes.  Whether it's a tapered candle used on the dinner table or a tealight uses to create a soft glow, candles offer a unique way to change the ambience in a home.

Candlemaking Classes at Riverbell Cottage

This is a two-hour class where you will learn how to make your own candles at home.  You will walk away with a newfound love and appreciation of candles knowing all there is to know to get started on your own candlemaking journey.


I will teach you how to make pillar, container, tealight candles and even birthday candles! This beginners candlemaking class will teach you everything you need to know no matter what kind of candle you'd like to make. I will talk about beeswax, soy, olive wax and everything in between including the hazards of synthetic fragrances within the home.  Candles make great gifts and it's a hobby that you can pick up any time, there is always room for more candles in the home!! 

This informative class teaches all the beginner skills and beyond that you need to successfully make candles at home including:

*Understanding wick types and choosing the right type for your candle;

*Learning all about different candle waxes;

*Understanding the safety measures needed when making & burning candles;

*How to add natural flavours, colours, essential oils & botanicals safely.

Where are the classes held?

The classes are held in my purpose made studio on our rural homestead in Bellbowrie, Queensland.

When are the classes run?

I run classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am-12pm , 12pm-2pm or 6pm-8pm.

Once you book your ticket I will contact you to arrange a date! Please ensure that you are free on one of these days & times before booking a ticket. 

What's included?​


Each attendee will take home one of my matte black tin candles (valued at $10) along with a candlemaking leaflet with instructions to help you remember all the key points and access to my private Facebook group for ongoing support.

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