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Mini Pigs

Earlier this year my husband decided he wanted mini pigs. We all agreed they would add a lot of fun to our growing homestead. We got busy building an enclosure opposite our chicken coops and found a breeder in Nambour, QLD and drove up there on a public holiday from Brisbane (a 1.5 hour journey that took 6 😰😳🤪). It was worth it to bring home our two female mini pigs Penelope-Sue* and Rosemary.

* side note. The kids and I had seen a billboard for Animals Australia years ago with a cute little piggie and the words "Don't call me dinner, call me Penelope-Sue". Hence the name...

We've had a lot of fun getting to know them and listening to them squeal impatiently as they wait for their breakfast and dinner to be served! They love digging around for bugs in the ground and have enjoyed eating LOTS and LOTS of mulberries from the tree in their pen. We recently added a little paddling pool so they can keep cool in the summer months. We made some finishing touches to the enclosure by adding a gravel border which I'm thrilled with.

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