Indoor Homesteading Class Ticket

If you're keen to slow down the pace of your life and get back to doing things the traditional way then our indoor homesteading day may be just the thing for you!  It is held at our homestead in Bellbowrie, Brisbane. 

This jam-packed class teaches an introduction to:

* Making Sourdough Bread

* Brewing Kombucha

* Fermenting & Pickling Vegetables

* Sprouting 


Learn how to get your gut back in balance with foods that are filled with goodness, that are easier to digest and are packed with fibre for prebiotic gut health. This class teaches you how to get the best out of the foods you eat through food preparation techniques such as pickling and fermenting to make digestion easier. 


Come along and enjoy the company of other like-minded people wanting to step into the world of homesteading. 

Indoor Homesteading Class Ticket